4 Oct 2011


I heard my baby's heartbeat today!! I'm beyond excited about it. i've had so few of the bad symptoms of pregnancy, it was really good to hear her/him. :) somehow it feels like i'm cheating the process but i really know that this is how all pregnancies should be. i dont think a pregnant mama would fare very well in ancient times with the modern ailments of pregnancy like the incredible morning sickness and fatigue that so many women endure these days. i'm sooo glad to be feeling so well. some days i forget that i'm even pregnant, honestly. i dont even have the hormonal surges, i'm on an even emotional keel all the time.

i do make an effort to eat every 2-3 hours, even if it's just a snack of an ounce of almonds or some veggie/seed dehydrator crackers. or sometimes i'll split my lunch and have half of it around 11 and the other half around 1. when i was only eating 3 meals/day i was having some pretty serious fatigue. now that i'm refueling more often i feel great all the time. so glad to have figured all of this out.

i havent gained any weight as of yet and i dont expect to until after 20 weeks. i'm still eating pretty lowcarb and only clean real foods. i've added a bit of fruit in, but my carbs easily fall under 30 net per day.

one thing that i thought was interesting is that my iron is on the low end of normal at 127 (normal range in canada being 120-160). i did express some concern and was told to eat (get this) more iron rich foods. LOL. in the last week, i've been living off of red meat, it's all i want. Steak, steak, hamburger, steak... anyways, i'm thinking about taking my vite c with my 'iron rich foods' to help improve absorption of the iron. and i havent had any liver for a while, so i'll make sure to have some liver at least once a week.

Thanksgiving is this weekend, so we're planning a big turkey dinner. i'll have mashed cauli and turnip for my sides, and make the gravy with guar gum probably. i have a recipe for lc dairyfree, etc pumpkin pie that i'm planning to make. i'm not a pie crust fan anyways, so i'll just make it in custard dishes or ramekins. otherwise i'd whip up a nut crust for myself

i'm reading thru a book called healing our children by Ramiel Nagel. It's heavily based on the WAPF ideals. i'm just skipping the grainy parts (soaked or not, grains do me no good) and dairy bits and there is a lot of great info in there.

4 Sep 2011

I've been eating like crazy the last couple of days. Seems like i need to eat all the time to stave off fatigue. I've also added in some berries and other low sugars fruits. So far so good. No nausea. Whew.

Right now hcg levels are up and hcs is starting to be produced. Hcs is the hormone that "causes decreased use of glucose by the mother, thus making more available for the fetus. Also, hCS promotes the release of fatty acids from fat depots, providing an alternative source of energy for the mother's metabolism" (quoted from an old anatomy and physiology textbook). Anyways, if glucose is being shifted to the baby right now, maybe thats why I'm better able to tolerate the fruit without the carbs producing nausea. Also interesting that my text talks about mom's fuel source shifting to stored fat. Ketones anyone? If ketosis was so dangerous during pregnancy we wouldnt be designed to use fat as fuel at this time!
I've been off of dairy for a long time for various reasons. I grew up on raw dairy from my grandpa's pastured cows and then when he gave up his cows from friends of my parents. I guess that we were somewhat ahead of the curve in the raw milk movement but i think that my parents motivations were more financial than health oriented! Grandpas milk was free and milk from friends was substantially less spendy than grocery store milk! And why on earth would anyone go to the bother of pasteurizing it? It was fine just the way it came from the cows...or was it?

As a child, i always had huge dark allergenic shiners around my eyes. I always had earaches. I always had a congested nose. When my son was young, he extended breastfed. That means he bf for years as is normal in many countries around the world. When i finally introduced him to cows milk he could talk. And he told me that his ears hurt. I still remember the excruciating pain of my childhood earaches~lying on the couch for hours with eardrops and hot water bottles, crying. For my son it was pretty easy to put two and two together and to correlate the addition of milk to his diet. We switched to goat milk (smaller more digestable proteins)and his earaches went away. About a year after that he was diagnosed with aspergers and in researching that, i put him onto the autism diet~no gluten, no dairy. And to avoid cross contamination, the whole kitchen was purged of those things. After being off the gluten and dairy for a while, i noticed that my allergenic shiners went away. Hmm. Interesting. I also noticed a few years later that on the odd occasion when i did indulge in cheese that i would get arthritis-like pain in my finger joints. I was also having a little cream in my coffee daily for a long time and noticed that when i switched to coconut cream that my sinus congestion cleared right up. Amazing that a little cream could have such a big effect!

So, how do i get my calcium now?

I wonder how much calcium pople are actually getting from dairy in the first place? It's high in phosphorus which actually can leach calcium from the bones. Interesting that westernized countried have the highest dairy intake levels and also have the highest osteoporosis levels!

Then there are green leafy veggies. Great source of calcium right? Maybe not. Many green leafies are high in antinutrients like phytate and oxalates that block the absorption of calcium

how about seeds? sesame seeds and flax are both high in calcium. But hold on a sec, the lignans in flax and phytates in sesame get in the way again.

What's left? Bones and bone broths for sure. But how many bones can one person realistically eat? And how much calcium is really in bone broth. And who wants to be eating soup in themiddle of a hot summer anyways?

In reality i eat a lot of green leafy veggies. I eat bones and bone broths when i feel like it. I'm thinking about making flaxx craxx and these amazing dehydrater seed cracker again.

And i take a calcium supplement containing lots of different types of calcium~carbonate, citrate, fumarate, etc. I take it along with cofactors like vite d, magnesium, zinc to enhance absorption.. I figure i have my bases covered. I've read that pregnant women need somewhere between 1.2 and 2.2 grams of calcium every day. If i dont supply that much the baby will steal it from my bones and teeth!

Ps...i dont really need to remind people that the phosphoric acid in soda leaches calcium do i? I mean, we're all enlightened enough by now that we're not drinking that liquid corn syrup/artificial sweetener crap anyways right!

~how to make calcium citrate~ a bioavailable form of calcium

3 Sep 2011

So at 7 weeks, there are a lot of physiological changes going on. Baby is the size of a blueberry and still has a tail! Exhaustion and fatigue are really common during this part of the pregnancy. I'm really feeling it right now. I had planned a big road trip but may be postponing it until i get some energy back. My schedule is infinitely flexible right now~i'm a fulltime mom and my son is homeschooled so we can change our plans pretty easily.

Anyways, i also forgot to take my vitamins for a few days, and even when i'm not pregnant that can knock out some of my steam. So, i'm taking my vites again :)

Another strategy I'm using is to eat more frequently. When i lowcarb, i dont get hungry when it's time to eat~i lose energy kindof like a windup toy that's winding dowwwwn. Dr. Michael Fox recommends that the pregnant ladies he puts on the very low carb diet eat every 2-3 hours.

I have been taking it easy in the last week. It's been pretty nice to put my feet up and relax. Sometimes it's easy to overschedule activities so that we're constantly running around doing. It's been great to take some quiet time at home to read, lay out in the sun in the backyard, to knit and to spend some at home time with my son.

I also woke up queasy this morning. Guess i didnt eat before i went to bed last night, so my stomach was empty. My husband brought me scrambled eggs and salsa in bed! Partway thru it and i'm already feeling better. I still can't believe how well protein and lowcarb work for morning sickness! :)

2 Sep 2011

~no morning sickness~

so with my firstborn i had 5 1/2 months of horrible nausea and vomiting. This time~nada. I tried raising my carbs to bump myself out of ketosis and got hit with a wall of nausea. Sooo...i lowered my carbs back to the 20/day that i had been eating and now i feel completely fine.

I feel like i'm cheating the system but in reality how i eat now is howpeople ate for millenia prior to the agricultural revolution. This is what we were evolved to eat so it makes sense that we would have evolved in a way that wouldnt make us feel disgusting when we procreate. It is normal to feel good! And i have to keep reminding myself that it's perfectly okay NOT to feel nauseous while in my first trimester. Some women say that it's reassuring to feel the nausea because that means that the baby is okay. I disagree.

I also think it is highly ironic that the same foods that women with morning sickness are encouraged to eat (crackers, gingerale, etc) are the carby foods that are causing their discomfort in the first place. We should be telling women with nausea and vomiting of pregnancy to eat proteins and fats and to avoid carbs.

Link to a woman with hyperemesis who used ketosis to prevent sickness during pregnancy: http://whiningpuker.blogspot.com/2011/05/living-life-very-low-carb-way.html

1 Sep 2011

new beginning!new beginning!


I thought i'd try out blogging. Seems like everyone has their own blogs now. Im more used to forums but it seems like some of the more interesting people are out in the blogosphere anymore.

My interest right now lies in lowcarbing during pregnancy. I was doing a clean version of atkins (atkins kiss) before i got pregnant. Then, wanting to know if it was safe to continue eating that way, i looked around online and in my books. Everything seemed to generalize ketosis as bad for the baby's brain but with no clear and hard data to back up that claim. So i tried to ramp up my carbs and discovered as i did so that lowcarbing was keeping nausea and vomiting of pregnancy at bay. Sooo,.. Back into ketosis i went and started digging further into the net to try to find other women who were able to continue throughout pregnancy on a lowcarb diet and succeed in having smart healthy babies.

Prior to switching to atkins kiss, i had been on a gluten free casein free paleoish eating plan for years. My son was diagnosed with aspergers syndrome about 5 years ago and the whole household has been pretty much gfcfsfcf no artificials since then. We probably eat cleaner than most of the 80/20 paleo folks out there.

Anyways, my hope with this blog is to find community, support and to shed some light on lowcarb pregnancies minus the frankenfoods that can go hand in hand with some lowcarb diet plans.